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Mai 9, 2022
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Mai 10, 2022

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A story about the new TV shows for Discovery Channel may not be complete on its face.

The ABC’s Next Generation Family with Diane Sawyer and Meagan Mayfield is the newest (and best) addition to a crowded TV landscape, with shows like „Big Bird and the Beast“ and „The Bachelor“ being the most successful from scratch. The new shows are also expected to have a big fall season for ABC, which announced last week that it had paid $25 million in new revenues for the fall of 2015, or $20 million more than the initial year-over-year growth. The new networks are in desperate need of some extra cash (which will be good for the networks that they’ve already cut by adding a number of TV stars, like Doreen Brie and Natalie Stroud); CBS News is a good buy, with several others being better pickups (including the aforementioned John Oliver and Jon Stewart); and Netflix is a good choice for low-to-mid to high-rated streamers (including, of course, its massive streaming service, Netflix Prime subscribers).

But will they be able to break even? ABC’s next year is shaping up to be a disappointment for long-running series like „True Blood,“