PC for professional photographer and videographer – recommendations from ASUS

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April 20, 2022
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April 25, 2022

PC for professional photographer and videographer – recommendations from ASUS

PC for professional photographer and videographer – recommendations from ASUS

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PC for professional photographer and videographer - recommendations from ASUS

Creatives working with visual content require a workplace that is equipped to meet specific needs. In today’s article, we will look at what a PC and monitor should be like for a professional photographer and videographer.

The first and most pressing issue when building a PC today is the graphics card. Working with visual content requires high power from it to build an image, so you should opt for the top solutions of the latest series. To date, the most successful solution for professionals will be an ASUS TUF NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti video card, which will allow you to process 4K content without unnecessary problems or delays.


A powerful motherboard in a professional PC is needed first of all in order to fully use the capabilities of the current multi-threaded processor of the Ryzen R9 5900X or R7 5800X level, providing it with reliable and stable power and proper support for other technical options. The new ProArt X570 motherboard aims to give visual content professionals unlimited technical space for creativity and meet specific needs such as high-speed data transfer and work task prioritization through an easy-to-use control panel.


In order to properly power the combination of a high-performance graphics card and a multi-core processor, it is necessary to have a proper power supply. ROG Strix 850G will be the minimum choice for our proposed assembly, https://ha.trade-x.com.ng/page-e-goma-kamfanin-fara-aiki-a-rasha if you wish, you can even install a ROG Strix 1000G block.


Building a PC for work and professional tasks usually involves optimized design solutions with a focus on technical capabilities, so choosing an ASUS TUF GT 501 case will be optimal in all respects.


A corresponding cooling system will become a logical addition for a powerful PC, and if in gaming computers the choice of CBO is most often due to a matter of aesthetics, then for professionals water cooling is interesting primarily due to its other strength – quiet operation even at high loads. A great addition to our assembly will be the TUF LC 240 RGB model.


A 32GB DDR4 RAM kit is just the bare minimum for fast rendering or multitasking. As for storage volumes, an SSD drive with a capacity of 512 GB or more is useful for installing the system and quickly working with current data, and a 2 TB HDD is suitable for storing less urgent, but nevertheless important archives.